Playing Your Memories!

Hey, it’s Thursday and I’m back with an all new medley of oldies!

We’ve got a hit from 1958 which earned the first ever gold record issued by the Recording Industry Association of America! We have a pair of 1972 songs for Penny, and a Simon & Garfunkel classic for Kevin! We have a Beatles B-side that I will maintain until the day I die was a lot better than the A-side, and we have an iconic song from Neil Young for listeners who don’t want to wait until the fall to hear it!

We also have … forget it, we have a lot more!

Memories … That’s What We’re All About

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Playing Your Memories

Tom Petty – Eddie Rabbitt
Temptations – Johnny Nash
Al Green – Simon & Garfunkel
Perry Como – Steve Lawrence
Johnny Rivers – Percy Sledge
Neil Young – Beatles

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  1. Nancy Garbati

    Glad to be back home and having access to my morning music from my friend. Jojo missed them too. Loved all of these. Have a great day!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Welcome Back! Give my best to my favorite bird! ❤️

  2. Rosa-Lee Gould

    Good Morning Ray, I told our roofer it was not going to rain today! Half our roof is without shingles & the dumpster is being moved to the other side today within a couple of hours. Listening to rain songs is all the rain I want to hear. 🙂 However, Ted & I enjoyed today’s medley with it’s diverse & interesting music. Lots of memories (for me) & Ted checked out what was on side A. Thank you Ray 🙂

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Lee & Ted! 🥰🥰
      I hope the roofing work goes well and I’ll say a prayer, asking for dry conditions!
      Glad you enjoyed the medley, and in my opinion, ‘Hello Goodbye” was a meaningless load of crap compared to Lennon’s song … but that’s just me. 🙂

  3. Mary Helen Hawthorne

    Slow and sweet love songs
    Never the wrong time for Harvest Moon
    Not that big on the B Side, the A side must have been awful

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Mary Helen.
      I thought you would enjoy Mr. Young’s song. 🙂
      The A-Side was ‘Hello Goodbye’

  4. Terry Brusco

    Thanks for the melodies, Ray!
    As always, unlocking memories…
    Have a great afternoon!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Terry!
      I appreciate your kind words.
      Have a lovely evening!

  5. Rose

    So many great ones in this collection … but I’m going with Harvest Moon as my all time favorite !

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Rose!
      I know how much you love that song! ❤️

  6. Penny S Capron

    Many great songs today .. love a rainy night!!
    Thank you for thinking of me .. great songs and great year .. is gonna be a bright, bright sun shiny day!!! (storms coming in tonight though), slow dancin, swaying to the music … Great finish with the Beattles ………… you ROCK as always!!
    Love ya my friend

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Penny!
      I am so glad you enjoyed the songs. I have another one tomorrow from that 1972 list you posted. 🙂
      Love you right back!

  7. Pat Conant

    I love the rainy day/nite songs, but I have to say I’ve seen enough rain this winter/spring to last until August! Loved all these songs today except the Beatles song. If this was better than the A side, then I don’t want to hear the A side!! P.S. I do trust your Judgement that B was better.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      I don’t want to hear about a drought this year!
      The A-side was ‘Hello Goodbye’. Catchy melody but the lyrics were pure fluff.

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