This is a nice way to start your Friday with a smile … hopefully, 14 of them.
Back in the 1960s, it was a common practice for record labels to slap an often insignificant song on the flip side of a single they thought would do well in the charts. After all, it was the A-Side people were going to focus on so it didn’t make sense to waste a strong recording for the B-Side.

The Beatles changed all of that.

Their B-Sides were consistently outstanding; some of them were the equal of – if not better than – the A-Side. Today, that’s the focus of this medley. I’m not listing each song’s title but I am listing the names of the A-Side they were combined with. Hopefully that will pique your curiosity. 😉

By the way, I did not include Come Together/Something or Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever since both singles have long been considered to be Double A-Sides.

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The Beatles’ B-Side Medley
B-Side of From Me To You
B-Side of I Want To Hold Your Hand
B-Side of Twist and Shout
B-Side of A Hard Day’s Night
B-Side of Can’t Buy Me Love
B-Side of And I Love Her
B-Side of Ticket To Ride
B-Side of Help!
B-Side of Paperback Writer
B-Side of All You Need Is Love
B-Side of Hello Goodbye
B-Side of Lady Madonna
B-Side of Hey Jude
B-Side of Get Back