TGIF Medley!

I’ll make this short and let the music do the talking. This is primarily a “This Day In Rock and Roll History” in musical form with a few requests thrown in.

It starts with George Jones celebrating the fact that it’s finally Friday and ends with Loverboy doing the same thing. In between, there is a “mostly” rock and roll party full of memories, Hopefully, you’ll be flying into the weekend after hearing it! 🙂

Memories … That’s What We’re All About

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TGIF Medley!

George Jones – Beau Brummels
Beatles – Neil Diamond
Freddy Cannon – Chicago
Thurston Harris – Cars
Donovan – Diesel
Simon & Garfunkel

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  1. Rosa-Lee Gould

    Good Morning & a happy weekend. Enjoy 🙂 🙂 Lee & Ted

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Have a wonderful weekend! 🥰🥰

  2. Mary Helen Hawthorne

    Have a great weekend!
    The Cars know how to Drive

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Rock The Weekend! 🥰
      Take me back
      To the world gone away
      Our good memories
      Seem like yesterday

  3. Pat Conant

    Thanks for playing George, Ray. I remember those days when Friday night was made for fun! Now 1 day is the same as any other! Several songs today I hadn’t heard in a long time, “Little Bitty Pretty One” is one of them-great song.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Pat 🥰
      I thought George was a great starter today. 🙂
      You’re right, every day does feel the same. Friday has lost a little bit of it’s thrill. I’m glad you enjoyed Thurston’s song. 🙂

  4. Nancy A Garbati

    Another great mix and end to the week. I’ll be leaving Sunday, so I’ll get caught when I get back from my cruise. Take care and thanks for all you do. <3

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Nancy, I hope you have a wonderful time! ❤️

  5. Jim Waters

    In some ways this medley makes me feel young. I didn’t play a few of these songs. On the other hand, when I hear of an artist passing at such a young age, I feel kinda’ old.

    Thank you, Linda, for choosing such a great song request! (Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence”). Perhaps you should be placed on the Grammy’s selection committee!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Jim! 🥰
      I’m interested to know which songs you didn’t play. That helps me out a lot.
      Linda would be a great voter. After all, she’s my sister! ❤️
      When an artist dies young, it is very sad, but instead of feeling old, you should feel grateful to be still here and smiling!

  6. Penny

    Don’t have much to say today as it’s my last day with my job.
    Great way to start with George Jones 🙂
    Have a great weekend my friend!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      I am so sorry about the job, Penny, but remember, when one door closes another opens. 🥰
      Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

  7. Jim Waters

    Oh, I am extremely grateful to still be alive and I’m having a great time taking it all in!
    George Jones — I wasn’t listening to Country much at all back then. I really only started listening to country in the 80’s, but like listening to older Country now.
    Beau Brummels
    Fred Cannon
    and Diesel who I didn’t know of but certainly like this song.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you. 🙂 I guess I misunderstood your original comment. I thought you skipped them today.

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