Early Beatles!

After yesterday’s medley, I think we’ve had enough sax for a while. Today I am going way back in time for a Beatles medley. It’s not your usual medley by the Fab Four. Oh, there are a few hit songs, to be sure, but the majority of the songs are “filler” tunes which most bands would have been thrilled to have recorded.

Just as it was back then, the lead vocals are predominately handled by John and Paul, but I did include one each from George and Ringo.

I have often been told I can’t go wrong with a Beatles medley. Let’s see if that’s still true! 🙂

Memories … That’s What We’re All About

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Early Beatles Medley

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  1. fred

    Ray if this doesan’t get you chair dancin’ I don’t know what would! Did you say slow down Ray?? Oh Kansas City has one of George’s best guitar riff’s and I’m sure as heck not goin anywhere!! No bye bye’s for me!! I don’t remember callin’ your name Ray but that’s ok. I’m telling you I am going to make it. Ray all I gotta do is close my eyes and listen to this song!! What are you doin’ you know I think I’ve got a clue! And don’t remember you ever lyin’!!(go Ringo)Now tell the truth Ray she said you will when you won’t, how many times did she tell you to rock on? She told George to Rock on for Ringo oh Honey don’t!! I’m glad my chair has a swivieil on it I almost fell over trying to get fancy chair dancin’!! And when he said roll over I really got in trouble!! I knew you’d get me going but Nancy’s still sleeping so I can’t shout but I’m twisten’!! It’s hard to drink my coffee whenI’m shaken so much! But all I gotta due is thank you that slowed me down! I’m glad I don’t have to write down and close my eyes cause I’m not goin away!! And I’ve always been true!! You know Ray anytime at all you can call me. What do you get when you mix an old Beatles with an early Beatle?? Ask the group for me Ray I’m curious!! Great tunes and I gotta tell you for filler songs I’ll listen anytime at all!!
    love ya!!-(man I ramble on!!)

    1. Ray

      Fred, you can ramble on as much as you want! Thank you for another adventure into your mind! That’s where it’s all happening! Love ya!

  2. Jane Abbott Sweatt

    I think you and those who advised you are very correct Ray about creating a Beatles Medley! Thanks for your work and the great results. I am a tad bit older than your Wendy lady. Which means I was watching them on “The Ed Sullivan” show with my family on our black and white telly!!!
    Janie Abbott Sweatt

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Ah yes, Janie, I remember that night so very well. It was you and me (and about 73 million more people)! 🥰

  3. Sandy Gaither

    You know that the Beatles are my all-time favorite! I still miss having my CD album that was stolen from my car. Happened so long ago but it’s funny how things stay in your memory! I can remember driving down the freeway in California just blasting the Beatles in My Z4! You know I love all the songs I can’t even single one out and after having read Fred’s blog, I can’t even begin to come close to that. I reserve those to listen to again. Thank you Ray this was fantastic! You’re the best

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Sandy 🥰
      No one touches the Beatles. Never have, never will. Their songs are truly timeless!

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