Are You Feelin’ Saxy?

Last week, I promised there would be a Part 2 of our look back at classic songs featuring great saxophone solos. Today, consider that promise kept.

Once again, I have listed below the name of the artists with the sax player in parentheses.

I hope these songs bring back some wonderful memories for you! 🙂

Memories … That’s What We’re All About

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Great Sax, Part 2

Glenn Frey (Bill Bergman)
Tina Turner (Edgar Winter)
Al Stewart (Phil Kenzie)
Phil Collins (Don Myrick)
Billy Joel (Phil Woods)
George Harrison (Tom Scott)
Gerry Rafferty (Raphael Ravenscroft)
Tim Cappello (Tim on vocals and sax!)

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  1. fred

    Ray for some strange reason I feel just a little saxxy this mornin’!! I know we both don’t want to be in the city!! But you are the man on the street It’s so hot in the city you could Frey your feet!! Nobody can sing a song like Tina!! And Ray she simpley was the best!! And who would have know that Edgar Winter played the sax!! Ray you are not holding back this am!! Phil was known as one of the best rock& roll sax player! Time passage thanks for the ticket to the last train you can feel this in your soul!! Phill Collins was lucky to have this next sax man!! And he sure did make the Earth Wind & Fire hot!! One more night Ray!! The songs we had in the days and I do remember thinking about One More Night(I hope we all have many more nights!!)Don’t go changin Ray! This sax man was close to home(Springfield Ma.)You need to know you will always be the King Of the DJ’s and I know you believe in me!! I’l bet most of didn’t know this next sax man was American and was part of the Blues Brothers Band!! And you gotta be really one of the best to play with Mr. George Harrison(#1 Beatle)But I don’t remember this song??? I can feel this sax player down to my toenails(good thing I’m just tapping them not chair dancin’)It’s almost like words coming out of this sax!! So from now on we won’t worry about a thing! We’ll just sail away!! This next man played alot of sax for Tina Turner!! I Still Believe was sang by Tim in the movie The Lost Boys!! Man I may have to wake up Nancy I’m feelin’pretty darn saxxy!! Ray the sax makes every song just so darn good!! It goes deep into my soul!! Now don’t be to”saxxy” out there today!! And Tina said you are simply the best!!
    love ya!!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Wowser, Fred! You are smokin’ hot today! A couple of today’s songs might not be familiar to listeners but I thought they were too good to be left out. It was, for the most part, a little sultry but hey, nothing sounds quite as sultry as when it’s played on a sax!
      When you wake Nancy up, just tell her, “Wake up my love, the sun is shinin’ out there, blue sky up above.
      It’s a brand new day, let’s walk outside and let that breeze blow all our cares away.”

      Love Ya!

    2. Pat Conant

      Fantastic, Fred!!

  2. fred

    Nancy loved your reply!!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      That made me smile … a big one! ❤️

  3. Pat Conant

    Loved all of these, Ray, but then who could NOT love a Sax? When I saw Billy Joel, all I could think was Christy Lee, one of my favorites.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Pat. I am so glad you enjoyed these songs. 🥰

  4. Sandy Gaither

    Bill Bergman, Don Myrick, and Ravenscroft!! So awesome! But Tim Cappello, just absolutely made that sax talk and even scream! He just might become my new favorite I thought no one could beat Ravenscroft I just always thought he played so well, and they all excel in their own ways as do the rest of your selections. This was great and of course the vocals speak for themselves. I think Fred is right nothing beats the Sax in a song! This was fabulous Ray, you’re the best! 🎶❤️

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Sandy 🥰
      Next to an electric guitar, the sound of a sax beats every other instrument, in my opinion. I am so glad you enjoyed this. I may throw in another sax medley sometime in the future.


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