A Double Dose!

Friday is the day I play your requests and this week, they are all over the musical map! There’s pop, rock, psychedelic, new wave, folk and country, all wrapped up in an 11-song, nearly 39-minute medley.

But wait! Today I am also playing some of my personal favorites from the Sixties. 14 songs and 39 minutes. Hey, you have all weekend to play them both. You might as well since paying for gas is getting more difficult by the day and in the immortal words of Bob Dylan, “you ain’t goin’ nowhere.” 🙂

Memories … That’s What We’re All About

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Your Songs

Little Eva – Simon & Garfunkel
B-52s – Donovan – Gordon Lightfoot
Association – Mama Cass
Starland Vocal Band – Freda Payne
George Jones – Bob Dylan

My Songs

Shadows Of Knight – Beatles – Turtles
Beach Boys – Raiders – Donovan
CCR – The Who – Searchers
Kinks – Dave Clark Five – Byrds
Eric Burdon & The Animals – Rolling Stones

Comments (14)

  1. Nancy A Garbati

    Thanks to all those that requested and to you for yours and for your hard work putting these together for us. Jojo and I enjoyed listening to them all <3

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Nancy, thank you (and Jojo) for listening!🥰
      I still have you in my prayers. ❤️

  2. LINDA Sexton

    Such a wonderful mixture of music. Thank you all for such a great assortment.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Linda 🥰
      I’m very glad you enjoyed the music!

  3. fred

    What a start Ray this group likes to dance!! I’m not sure if I want to dance on the railroad tracks..but she says it’s easy!! Well we all have paid all the dues we want topay!! But Dylan has some culture!! Oh how I loved the love shack!! But when I found out in was in a B-52 oh my!! How light was Gordons Food?? I remember when the railraod men would make that track ring!! Man could they lay down some track!! Ray I think we all wish we could cherish someone!! How how I like this song!! Sweet dreams!! Leave all our troubles behind(love the piano in this)So let’s dream a little!! Ray there is nothing wrong with an afternoon delight!! Sky Rockets oh my!! Ray thank goodness you’re not a dreamer and didn’t leave us for long!! (So there FB) Thank goodness I thought this next song was going to be a Payne!!! Ray I’m sure we all have a picture on our wall!! George said he stoped lovin’ her but soon they will carry him away!! Ray the answer is in the wind but we gotta stop turning our heads!! How many deaths will it take!! What great songs the group picked!! Thank you all!! love ya now on tor Ray’s songs!!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Fred, you are one masterful storyteller! You have created a whole new career!
      Love Ya!

  4. Mary Helen

    Thank you for clearing up my delusion that the Simon & Garfunkel song was not Bob Dylan as I had always thought!
    Your medley was just a blast of iconic songs from early adulthood…loved it
    Hope your health is improving and I bet you get pleasure from mixing songs for us…a form of healing
    Thank you…soothing for us too

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Mary Helen 🥰
      You are not the first person to think A Simple Desultory Philippic was a Dylan song. Paul Simon achieved his goal of the “perfect Dylan satirical song” with lyrics torn from the music and the times of the mid-sixties.
      My health is, dare I say it, getting better every day. You’re right about the healing aspects of creating the medleys. It is very therapeutic, both physically and mentally.

  5. Rosa-Lee Gould/Lee

    From doing the locomotion to laying RR tracks with the answers blowing in the wind. Nicely put together but I still love the 60’s music. Didn’t mind the double dose at all. Thank you for the music & the memories 🙂

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Lee 🥰
      I had no problem with the listener requests because good music shouldn’t be restricted to one decade, but I wanted to remind people the reason I started this site: the celebration of Sixties music. I’m very glad you enjoyed both medleys. 🙂

  6. fred

    Ray I knew you’d turn around!! What did you say you were going to shout out!! Gloria?? Did she knock on your door?? I’ll bet she was a paper back writer!! Now your a writer I knew it!! Now you are after Eleanor after all she really is swell!! Man it was so much fun the way we road around!! Man did we get around!! We always took my car cause it never got beat!! Back and fourth to the A&W!! And we know we can change wrong from right and that’s a good good thing!! No one can bring us down!! Ray this song I love Way Down Below The Ocean is crazy good!! It has such deep meaning(hey that was funny!! Deep )) I still wonder who will stop the rain!! They couldn’t stop Jack?? I think Jack was on needles and pins!! Why can’t I stand up and be stong? Is it my pride? Needles!! Man Ray I remember she really got you goin’!! You couldn’t sleep at night!! Then I’d play that guitar riff and you’d be fine!! I did get ya!! I knew you’d say anyway I want it and I knew that would be alright!! That’s why you did it with these songs!! Anyway you wanted it!! Eight miles high!! Wow Ray my head is spining!! I remember my first cigarette!! I remember when I was young I believed in my fellow man!! When I was young I was an Animal lover then and I still like Rolling Stones!! And now that I am old I still believe in my fellow man!! Great message today Ray…anyway we want..we have to believe in our fellow man!! And spread all the love and kindness so deep in the ocean no one can take it away!! Great choices Ray!! You really Got Me today!! love ya

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Fred, I apologize for making you work so hard today, but I must say you turned in another outstanding performance under great pressure. And you did it for both medleys! You get better and better as time marches on.
      Love Ya (and I mean it!)

  7. Penny

    wow . .what a great double medley … was awesome to listen to after a really long sucky week!! My company laid off a few hundred people, thank goodness I wasn’t one of them but I feel horrible for the others 🙁 Then the horrible shooting in TX .. just breaks your heart!! The music, as always let me escape from all of that! There are no words how much you and your medleys mean to me as well as others I am sure.
    You have a wonderful and safe weekend my friend
    Love and hugs

    1. Ray (Post author)

      THank you, Penny 🥰
      I know the music could not, in any way, hide the pain and anger over what happened in Texas this week. If it provided a temporary escape for some, then I’m pleased. I’m also very happy you weren’t one of those laid off.
      Have a very safe weekend, my dear.


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