More Listener Requests!

Another Friday, another batch of song requests … 16 of them! Most of them came via comments on the group Facebook page but there were three I received via private message.

All I can say is you people have great taste in music!

Memories … That’s What We’re All About

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This Week’s Listener Requests!

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Traveling Wilburys
Carole King – Bobby Darin – Bobby Vinton
Righteous Brothers – Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Clash – Beatles – Bellamy Brothers
Little Stevie Wonder – Jimmy Buffett
Maria Muldaur – Connie Francis (twice!)
The Judds

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  1. Nancy A Garbati

    Great way to start our days, thanks so much for all your hard work <3

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank YOU, Nancy 🥰

  2. Penny

    Oh my ……. what a great medley dear man!! Great way to end a very long week 🙂 And thank you for including my request at the end, powerful and the words mean so much.
    Have a very safe and wonderful weekend
    Love you my friend!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Penny, your song request simply HAD to close out the medley. I absolutely had to.
      Love you right back!🥰

  3. Sandy Gaither

    Huge round of applause, for you Ray and for all of us!! This was so well put together, and I just enjoy the living daylights out of all the songs it becomes so hard to express yourself, when things are as bright and promising as this medley. We have good taste!! This is starting to become a regular, and I hope that means that you’re still getting some rest Ray, As required by the doctor. And that PT, hope you’re getting some of that in too. Thank you so much for this as always, you’re the best! 🥰

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Sandy 🥰
      What we have here is a great group of listeners with wonderful, yet diverse musical tastes.
      Sorry, but I’m not getting a lot of rest. I try to sit still but I just can’t do it. I suspect these once a week medleys will soon turn into twice or even three times a week throughout the summer.
      And the reason? I LOVE my job! ❤️

    2. fred

      Sandy I have not yet released Ray from my treatment plan!! However if he stays on track I might suggest he tries a Wednesday!! Ray I know you are reading this so please do not hesitate to discuss this on our next checkup!! So Sandy let’s keep him at a slow steady pace!!(what a group we have)love ya !!!Fred

      1. Ray (Post author)

        Hey Doc 🙂
        I was not implying I’m ready to do more than one day a week. I suggested I MIGHT be tempted to add another day somewhere down the road. This has more to do with the fact that I always take summers off than it does my rehabbing from the accident last July.
        Besides, our old friends at Facebook sent me a warning yesterday, claiming my posts were “spam” and threatening to shut me down, all because my use of the term “Click The Photo” was, in their collective feeble minds, a direct violation of their community standards regarding sending readers off Facebook to another site.
        Oh well, it’s another roadblock but I’m getting very used to those.
        Love Ya!

        1. fred

          Ray the trouble you have to put up with is crazy!! Facebook for me is just for posts that you do!! And I like seeing what old friends are up to!! Seems to me they should thank you for bringing such joy and keeping us in tune with our past!! These posts for me and I’m sure I can speak for the rest of the group are fun and we all look foward to them!! Seems like the silly things are more of a battle then the price of gas!! I am feeling a little better each day and I hope the same for you!! Love ya!!

  4. Mary Helen Hawthorne

    Thank you for bringing us the joy of music through many favorites

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you for listening, Mary Helen. Your comments are always so positive. 🥰

  5. Fred

    Wow Ray this house is a rockin”!! Can you remember those days!! I’ve got a Doctors apt. this am so I’m just going to listen but I know you’ll let me know it’s alright!! Ray this group reminds me that we all have a friend!! All we have to do is call out your name and you will spin a tune and we are there for you!! Ray some where across the states you will still meet us beyond the sea and play a tune and we are all so happy to hear the beat!! How can anybody be lonely in this group??(and for all past and present in the service thank you) And all you have to do is close your eyes and time will go by so slowly God will sent his love!! And if you listen closely and take your time you’ll find that rich man’s gold!! You can do this!! Just stand by me!! We really don’t want a reveloution but we sure want to change this world!! So let’s do what we can cause it’s going to be alright!! All we have to do is let our love shine!! There is a reason so let the love flow!! Love flow how easy is that!! I couldn’t figure out what they were sayin’ but then I remembered it’s just the blues!! Poor Jimmy got caught smokin’ a joint out behind the bar but no worries the tip jar paid his bail and would you believe that Mick Jagger stopped by and signed his name in the ladies bathroom!! And short skirts well there alright!! Did you know in my Tennessee mountain home life is as peaceful as a baby’s sigh!! And when Nancy and I were walkin home just laughin’,talkin, making future plans and when folks weren’t lookin’ we’d steal a kiss or two!! In a crowd of a million people I’d find my valentine!! And I’d tell the world she was all mine!! Do you believe that everybody has a fool?? I guess I must be somebody’s fool!! Thank you for this song Ray… Love can build a bridge don’t you think it’s time??Between your heart and mine!! Love and only
    Love can build a bridge!! We can do anything with love!! Love can build anything!! RIP Naomi!! Let God hold you in his hands as love can do anything!! Great choices what a group we have!! love ya, and let’s throw in a God Bless!!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Fred, for a guy who was “just going to listen,” I’d say you covered everything quite well … and you did it in your usual superb fashion!
      Yep, this is very much a great group!
      Love Ya and God Bless, indeed! 🥰

    2. Pat Conant

      Wow, Fred, amazing what just listening can accomplish!!


    This was such a wonderful Brainstorm you had. Loving all the Friday requests. It’s a great way to hear amazing songs we may have forgotten. It’s all about the memories. Thank You Ray 🙂

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Eileen. I am so glad you’re enjoying it! 🥰

  7. Pat Conant

    Finally, managed to listen to this! Loved all, as usual. Hope you are taking care of yourself, while making all of us happy.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      I am feeling very well, Pat 🥰 Thank you for your concern.

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