It’s That Day Again!

It happens every year. You put it off until the very last minute but eventually that day arrives … Tax Day.

For most taxpayers, the last day to file your taxes this year is April 18. Typically the deadline falls on April 15, but it was pushed back because of the Emancipation Day holiday in Washington, D.C. Taxpayers in Maine and Massachusetts have until April 19 because of Patriots Day.

If it makes you feel any better (it probably won’t), you’re not alone. Here are six songs that perfectly describe how miserable a lot of people are feeling today.

Memories … That’s What We’re All About

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Tax Day Medley
Beatles – Johnny Paycheck
Johnny Cash – Kinks
Robert Cray – Jimmy Buffett


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  1. Hawthorne Mary Helen

    Know why T S Eliot called April a cruel month…
    The Kinks said it all in their wonderful musical way

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Ah yes, The Waste Land, the search for redemption and renewal in a sterile and spiritually empty landscape. Or at tax time, a search for a way to write out the damn IRS check without gagging. 🙂

  2. fred

    Well Ray we have already done the tax thing!! I am so happy the Beatles said that the Tax Man is working for me! Or perhaps Johnny Paycheck paid theirs!! Ray how can I keep my arm around my woman with Uncle Sams hand in my pants!! I wish they would learn how to pay the fiddler so I can go back and dance!! And let them straighten their own damn mess and get darn their hands out of my pants!! Ray poor Johnny Cash should have hooked up with Johnny Paycheck!! Not only did he not get that brand new Pontiac but them son of a guns took the shirt right off his back!! Can you imagine having to take your girl down to sloopy Joe’s for beer and stew??? Ray them are the facts after tax!! We gotta get him a shirt for his back but we can’t cause of that darn tax!! I find it so darn Kinky that all I can do is be lazyn’ on a sunny afternoon! Ray the tax man has taken all my dough I wanted to take you(and the family)out on my yacht but he’s takin’ all I got!! So Ray neither of us sip on cold beers so all I can offer is this sunny afternoon!! Heck Ray That’s all we need cause the Tax Man say’s that’s the life of luxury!! Thank goodness Robert can play the guitar so well cause they take everthing away from him and he hates taxes(man I love that guitar)he said he was thinking of movin’ but he’ll like the rest of us will stay cause we love America so much!! All I can say is Ohhh! I don’t feel so bad for Jimmy, Ray, he can go to Margaritaville!! I will say this in ending Ray we live in the best country on earth and I’m proud to be an American!! Love ya

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Fred, I’d say you tied it all up with a bow, and you did it very nicely. 🤣 Taxes may be the scourge of all of us but I agree with you. I am damn proud to be an American!
      Love Ya!

  3. Peter

    I wonder what people would do, if they got their wish that all taxes would be terminated. And of course all the things they pay for, such as roads, schools, and the myriad of other things that are paid by our taxes. It would really be the very wealthy who could live well and the rest of us would be very poor. Just saying! LoL 😂

    1. Ray (Post author)

      And I’m just saying you’re absolutely correct! 🙂


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