Morning Wake Up Call

Ever have one of those days when waking up is just so difficult? This medley may help!

With songs from the late 50s and early-to-mid 60s, the music should put some pep in your step and get your day headed in the right direction.

Feel free to sing along. It’s good for your soul and it might even leave you … breathless. 🙂

Memories … That’s What We’re All About

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Your Morning Wake Up Call

Sam Cooke – Buddy Holly – Elvis Presley
Byrds – Joe Jeffrey Group – Doors
Guess Who – Jerry Lee Lewis

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  1. Fred

    Was that a voice from the past?? Wait Ray are you telling us to twist the night away!! I remember those days!! We’d lean back and twist the night away!! I remember so well Ray when you would tell me it’s alright!! You ‘d tell me our life time of love would be alright and I’d say Alright and we will live with all our might!! And I would say Ray it’s alright and I would say it’s okay when we go steady those foolish kids won’t be ready for the love that comes there way!! And you’d say Fred it’s alright!! Ray I remember when my little sister would kiss you once or twice and she say it’s very nice!! Then you dated my big sister once and you went to buy her some candy and I’ll be darned along came Jim Dandy and they snuck right out the door!! Ray maybe next time I wouldn’t pull her pigtails!! Maybe Ray you should have just been friends with them!! That’s all they really wanted to do!! Ray I woke up this mornin’ it felt so fine!! You will never guess who was at my door I think I’ll let you guess who!! Ray all I can say you know that I would be a liar you know it would be untrue but this girl just wanted to light my fire!! So we set the night on fire!! I’m stll gonna let you guess who!! Ray as it turned out all she wanted was some hand me down shoes!! Okay Ray It was Jerry Lee Lewis thank goodness his you know what were not on fire!! He was shakin’ oh baby he was just like the mailman wind, rain sleet or snow! It could of been him who set things on fire!! He burns like a wood in flame!! (I’ve got to say it)goodness gracious great balls of fire!! love ya

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Fred, it was very clever the way you tiptoed around Jerry Lee’s great balls of fire. Looking back, I’m glad the mystery girl and you had such a memorable night. You’re darn lucky Jim Dandy didn’t steal her away from you!
      YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME LAUGH! … and I love ya for it! 🙂

  2. Linda Corliss

    Little late, Rudy and I are just getting around to listening and he says always enjoy the oldies. Those were the days. Great selection of tunes. Love ya❣️

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Linda (and Rudy, too)!
      Those were the days but some of them seem so long ago!
      Love ya both❣️

  3. Penny

    Better late than never … LOL work has been a day from hell today. Great medley from twist the night away to come on baby light my fire…
    my favorite out of this is toss up between twist the night away to little sister ……….
    Have a great night and stay safe and warm my friend!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Penny 🥰
      I’m sorry work was so hard but I’m glad you enjoyed the music!
      Stay Safe 🥰

  4. Marty

    Finally able to listen to today’s offerings.
    Great way to finish the day with this medley.
    Thanks for the continuing musical enjoyment Ray, truly appreciated.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      I appreciate the comments, Marty. Very nice of you, my friend.

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