2021 Music Deaths Part 7

And so we come to the end. November and December of 2021 brought with them eight more deaths of musicians who entertained us through the years.

The songs played throughout this series have been played in chronological order each day. That holds true today right up to the end, but at the last minute, I decided to end the medley with a song from an artist who already has a song in the middle of the playlist.

I chose the song because the lyrics create in my mind a vision of what I hope to see when I draw my final breath.

“Beyond the blue horizon
Waits a beautiful day
Goodbye to things that bore me
Joy is waiting for me

I see a new horizon
My life has only begun
Beyond the blue horizon
Lies a rising sun.

You see, death is not the end. It’s the beginning.

Graeme Edge (drummer with The Moody Blue) Nov. 11
Philip Margo (baritone singer with The Tokens) Nov.13
Billy Hinsche (guitarist with Dino, Desi & Billy) Nov. 20
Gil Bridges (saxophone with Rare Earth) Dec. 8
Michael Nesmith (guitarist/singer with The Monkees) Dec. 10
Les Emmerson (lead singer and guitarist with Five Man Electrical Band) Dec. 10
Terry Uttley (bass guitar with Smokie) Dec. 16
Wanda Young (vocalist with The Marvelettes) Dec. 16

Memories … That’s What We’re All About

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2021 Music Deaths / Part 7

Moody Blues – Tokens – Dino, Desi & Billy
Rare Earth – Monkees – Five Man Electrical Band
Smokie – Marvelettes
Michael Nesmith & The First National Band

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  1. Don Doyle

    What a way to end this series. Outstanding selections. Here we have groups that enjoyed Mega success and others brightened our days and faded from view. All played a part in establishing memories that remain to this day. The last few days have shown that life is temporal but the music lives forever.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Don. It was an interesting project. The wonderful memories tempered by the knowledge these artists are no longer with us.

  2. Donna Tillson-Bass

    These have been wonderful tributes to those we lost this past year. It was wonderful listening to! Thank you for the your time and knowledge of such great musicians! No disrespect,there was one singer/songwriter that was missing for me. She was one of my favorites. She passe away August 13th. Nanci Griffith. I listen every morning before work.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Donna. I am not in any way feeling disrespected for omitting Nanci. I happen to enjoy her music very much but I was limiting these passings to artists who were identified more with the rock and roll genre.
      Thank you for listening each morning. I sincerely appreciate it.

      1. Donna Tillson-Bass

        Thank you for clarifying that for me.

        1. Ray (Post author)

          My pleasure, young lady. 🙂

  3. Sandy Gaither

    Oh my gosh, Michael Nesmith made me cry in that last song. This was such a beautiful collection, all made possible by contributing members of each band. If you just take one song and analyze the instruments and vocals, and put it all together—Voila!! This was so memorable, songs that we’ve all sung before. I loved it I think you took advantage of singling out each bassist or a guitarist or vocalist and chose great songs for each. Truly the memories are what we are all about! Thank you Ray!! ❤️

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you so much, Sandy ❤️ I am very pleased to know you enjoyed the series. There were so many memories along the way.
      I’m also very glad you enjoyed the last song. I thought it was appropriate. 🙂

  4. Wendyl

    What a finale for 2021 tributes! The last song certainly was touching and so appropriate while remembering all the artists and their influences in our own lives. Thank you for keeping their contributions (understatement) alive and preserved for future enjoyment. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and dedication, as always! XOXOXOXO

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Wendyl ❤️
      As my dear friend John Dolan once said, “Your memories are alive and well on Steamingoldies.

      I appreciate your very thoughtful comments … Always!

  5. Penny

    A great medley to end this series .. sad for the reason behind it though 🙁
    Have a great day my friend!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Penny ❤️
      I hope the sadness was offset (at least a little) by the happy memories they gave us.
      Stay Warm!

  6. Hawthorne Mary Helen

    I of course enjoyed the series, but I’m aware also of all the love and passion you put into this, choosing the songs, making the playlist, adding information/history to all the great music.
    I appreciate and look forward to your work.
    On a musical note 🎶 Michael Nesmith was one of the great underrated

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Mary Helen, you have no idea how much your comments mean to me. They make everything worth all the effort. ❤️
      I totally agree with your assessment of Michael’s talent.

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