2021 Music Deaths Part 1

When a new year rolls around, most of us look forward to it and eagerly let the old one slip away. That is not what happens here.

This site exists for the purpose of reminding you of the “old days” and that makes it important to recognize the musicians we lost in the previous year.

In 2021, the world lost so many music greats and today we’re going to begin a long tribute to those artists. Not every month had a lot of losses (as you’ll see tomorrow) but in Part 1, we’ll take a look at seven legends we lost in January.

Gerry Marsden (Gerry & The Pacemakers) Jan. 3
Tim Bogert (bassist with Vanilla Fudge) Jan. 13
Phil Spector (Teddy Bears and iconic producer) Jan. 16
Jimmie Rodgers (American pop singer) Jan. 18
James Purify (James & Bobby Purify) Jan. 22
Hilton Valentine (guitarist with The Animals) Jan. 29
Grady Gaines (saxophonist with Little Richard) Jan. 29

Memories … That’s What We’re All About

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2021 Music Deaths / Part 1

Gerry & The Pacemakers – Vanilla Fudge
Teddys Bears – Jimmie Rodgers
James & Bobby Purify – Animals
Little Richard

Comments (12)

  1. Marty Marty

    Happy New Year Ray! It is going to be a good year for us all. This medley starts us off well!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Marty and Happy New Year!

  2. Don Doyle

    Today’s selections bring with them a mixed bag of emotions. Memories of the joy that these talented musicians brought into our lives, tempered with the fact that they are no longer with us. As for me I am grateful for the experience of sharing in their gifts and happy that their legacy lives on in their recorded work.Thank you to them all and Rest in Peace.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Beautifully said, Don.

  3. Fred

    To know him is to love him!! Honey Comb be my baby!! I’m your Puppet!! I love these songs!! It’s a shame to lose these great talents!! Fantastic choices Ray!! So keep us knockin!! Somehow Ray these tunes all have a similar message!! Is this part of your master plan to take over our minds!! Love ya Happy New Year!!!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Happy New Year, Fred! I’m glad you enjoyed the memories but I assure you I have no plans to take control of everyone’s mind before I learn how to get my own under control! 😉
      Love Ya!

  4. Penny

    what a wonderful medley, is sad that we lost so many BUT their contribution to some of the best music in history (my opinion) will live on!!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Penny. Yes, the world lost a LOT of music greats last year but their music will live on forever (and I’m here to do what small part I can to make sure that happens)! 🙂

  5. Barbara

    It’s good that we see how lucky we are to be able to look forward to the New Year. Seeing the list of individuals who are no longer here to celebrate the New Year helps us put our issues in perspective.

    We were blessed to have benefited from their talent …. thanks for reminding us that we are much more fortunate than many ….

    Rock this Day my friend ….. looking forward to tomorrow’s selections … I’m sure it will include a degree of sadness that they are no longer here….

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Barbara. Most of these artists provided the soundtrack of our youth. Without them, I can’t imagine what life would have sounded like.

      Rock This Day … because we are never promised tomorrow.

  6. Sandy Gaither

    Oh my goodness, how the memories flow! To dedicate to all of those who are lost and yet remain on recordings is a gift. We are also very lucky to have been around when these recordings were made. I love that we have included not just vocalist but musicians who played instruments that were so pronounced in lots of the songs that you’ve chosen. I can tell this is going to be a wonderful series of tributes, as only you can do it Ray! Thank you so much for enriching our lives yet one more time!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Sandy. As I have said before during this series, I just couldn’t leave out the lesser known instrumentalists who were part of our younger years. I’m so glad you enjoyed this! ❤️


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