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While it’s true I stopped doing these types of things two months ago, I’m sending this special one out to people like Penny Capron, Nancy Garbati, Lee and Ted Gould, Don Doyle, Wendy Plante, Fred Guilmette, Rose Thow, Nancy McCullough, Eileen Corrie, Mary Helen Hawthorne, Pat Conant, Marty and Karen Morse, Erron Carey, Kevin Moody, Donna Parfitt, Sue Hennessey, Sandy Gaither, Keith Rogers, Barbara Brill, Pat Kelley, Tania Fuller, Jan Rogers, Aleeta Galichon, and everyone else who faithfully supported my past efforts.

Let’s go back 55 years and play some of the great songs from 1966! Incredibly, not one of these songs hit #1, but even so, I’m willing to bet they will bring back some special memories.

Play button is on the left … Volume slider is on the right

A Special Memories Medley

Paul Revere & The Raiders – Johnny Rivers
Shadows of Knight – Bob Dylan – Count Five
Standells – Hollies – Beatles
Mamas & Papas – Cyrkle – Bobby Fuller Four
Byrds – Young Rascals


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  1. Don Doyle

    Wow! What a nice surprise. Let’s get busy. For me Paul Revere was overexposed by Dick Clark. I got sick of them. Nice to hear them now that I can enjoy them. Johnny Rivers, love all his work, especially this one. Bob Dylan with one of his more melodic tunes. Anything by Bob is great but some of his songs just flow, like this one. The Hollies make me smile. Clever lyrics, great harmonies, real situations the whole package. They capture teen love in a very real way. I miss them. This Beatles song reminds me of the Kinks, so of course I love it. Social commentary, I love it! The Mamas and Papas, Ray you are pulling out all the stops today. Mama Cass, what a talent, just fabulous. It’s easy to forget The Cyrkle but this busy tune is worth remembering. Bobby Fuller, great talent but not nearly enough output. Sad. Ray, Ray, Ray you’re killing me! The Byrds! Eight Miles High! Wow, does it get any better than this? I think not. Thank you Ray. Great selection. You made me late for my 5:30 bike ride but I don’t care. I will be humming and singing the whole time.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Don.
      Penny Capron was feeling a little stressed so I thought this might lift her spirits … and then I remembered all of the people who were so supportive in the past (and you are certainly one of them) so I simply had to include them in the intro.
      I’m very happy you enjoyed it. 🙂
      ROCK ON, BRO!

  2. Barbara

    OH my …. I wasn’t on facebook yesterday but what a great way to start a Friday —- with all the negative issues in the world this was such a breath of fresh air …. loved every one of these and I will be humming (and very probably replaying them) all day today. The memories they bring back are an added plus and again remind me how lucky we were to grow up when and where we did. Thank you Ray for a wonderful surprise that definitely put a smile on my face and a song (several of them) in my heart! You are the best my friend …. hope you rock this day and every day ….

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Barbara.
      Music brings back some of the best memories of our younger years. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Sandy Gaither

    Oh wow Ray! Yeah I did yourself on this one. Listening to all those old songs again after the break that you have taken, and well deserved, this is such a treat! I just love going back through time and listening to things that used to really just thrill me no end, and still do!! I loved every single song! But I especially loved listening to mama Cass. Thank you thank you!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Sandy.
      It’s always nice to revisit the musical past every once in a while. I’m very happy you enjoyed it! 🙂

  4. Nancy

    Hey Ray! Love all of these tunes. This time in my high school years were so care free, and the music free flowing from a local hangout’s jukebox! It was called The Grasshopper in Bethel. Of course my high school sweetheart (You know who) enjoyed the music just a crankin! Your posts bring it all back♥️

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Nancy
      I’m very glad you (and that guy!) enjoyed the musical trip down memory lane. ❤️

  5. Pat Conant

    What a great start to the day, a new medley, with a lot of old memories. Sophomore/Jr at UVM. Remember walking down the hallway in my dorm, & hearing some of these songs coming from open doors. My sister lived in Boston, and I “loved that dirty water,”too! Remember sitting in the bleachers(for, I think $2.00 admission) at Fenway, and Jim Lomborg throwing bubble gum out of the bullpen to us fans. Great songs, great memories. You are truly THE BEST, Ray.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Pat.
      I have always loved the way you connect tunes to very special events in your life. You have so many great memories!

  6. Marty

    Back in Nebraska and “found” this unexpected surprise! You are so right about these songs bringing back memories Ray. Music from 55 years ago still sounds good, and preferred, by us.
    Thanks for a great start to the day and weekend.
    Karen & Marty

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Marty and Karen 🙂
      Hard to believe it was (gasp!) 55 years ago!
      Have a super weekend!

  7. Penny S Capron

    Ray, you totally made my day … you know that right!! If I was up there, would give you a big hug! Things are a bit crazy with work at the moment but had to stop to comment ….. great medley and great year (Dennis graduated in 66) I am now on my 3rd time listening and am sure not my last. Love you and love the music! Have a wonderful day and even better week-end my friend!!!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Penny, it was my pleasure to help get you through your day. ❤️
      Rock Your Weekend!

  8. Claire Pullinen

    This collection was great fun to listen to during lunch today!My husband and I have been remote kindergarten all this school year. At lunch we listen to music. We’ve been trying a few different sounds, but always come back to the 60’s and 70’s. We sing, sometimes dance and make our grand niece’s eyes big, especially when we know all the words. Today was great fun. Thanks. I have missed the music.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Claire. 🙂
      I am so glad you enjoyed it. In my opinion, there is nothing like 60s music!

  9. fred

    Needed a break today Ray!! And to hear familar songs feels good!! Did you do anything fun on your break? Music still gets my head into a special place!! Thanks for being such a great friend and if we do get up that way lookout We will be looking for you!! Love ya Ray!!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Sir Fred!
      I primarily did yard work during the break, nothing special.
      I’m glad the music still moves you and I promise will be doing more medleys very soon.
      Trust me when I say we WILL meet again!
      Love ya, Fred.
      ROCK ON!

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