60s ‘Made In America’ Medley

Every Monday we go back and rediscover solid gold hits by American artists in the 1960s

There are no surprises here, no “forgotten 45s”. These were all Top 40 hits (with a few of them hitting #1) and if you grew up during that fabulous decade (or had a parent who played them a lot), you should recognize every single one of them.

Your Memories … That’s What We’re All About

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1960s All-American Hits

Neil Sedaka – Sam & Dave – Martha & The Vandellas
Chiffons – Gene McDaniels – Elvis Presley
Fireballs – First Edition – Chubby Checker

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  1. Don Doyle

    Good Morning, Ray. I hope I have recovered from yesterday’s Mega Medley. Whew, talk about overload but in a good way. Neil Sedaka has such a bouncy, happy sound.. His songs comment on the teen condition in a positive way and are just as relevant today as when they were first released. That about happy, Sam & Dave, with their infectious, happy harmonies,could have you skipping down the street. They were sharp dressers with smooth moves. Martha & the Vandellas, Martha’s strong, easily identifiable voice drove their music home every time they came on the radio. She stood out among the many girl groups of the era. The Chiffons, on the other hand, presented a united sound, with their voices blending perfectly. Gene McDaniels sang about a 100 lbs of mud and it sounded wonderful to me. Elvis as a mailman, who would have ever thought that. With his persistence he should have been Postmaster General. The Fireballs, with their rough, raw delivery, it was no surprise they were looking for a bottle of wine. The First Edition, just the first of many, many times we would hear Kenny Rogers. Chubby Checker went from plucking chickens to coming out with a new dance craze every few months. Another Philly boy who made good. Thank you Ray for a day of early 60s memories. You did it again, starting our week on a good footing, with good sounds and great memories of transistor radios & record hops. Well done my friend. Rock on Brother.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Don. Yesterday’s medley mave have been a bit too long. 😉
      I tried to make today’s medley upbeat to start out the week and with the exception of the First Edition song, I think it worked. Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. Wendyl

    Yep! I definitely recognized ’em all! This medley is an enjoyable start to the week! I just love the sound of the 60s! Hope you have a cozy day! Tomorrow could be nasty! But we will focus on today and the positive parts like this medley! 🙂 XOXOXOXO 🙂

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Wendyl 🙂
      You must be one of those people who had a parent playing this stuff (a lot) when you were younger. 😉
      Yep, the 60s rocked!
      Enjoy today because you’re right, tomorrow is going to be an entirely different story.
      Stay Safe, Stay Warm!

  3. Penny

    Ray, what a great set ….. 60’s had some great music!!! I think the 60’s were the best of Elvis too! Now done for a very long day! I hear ya’ll may get some crappy weather – stay safe and warm my friend!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Penny 🙂
      I loved (and still love) the 60s!
      The entire nation is getting some very serious weather.
      Please stay safe and warm! ❤️


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