It Was 50 Years Ago

Today we go back 50 years and spend some time in 1971. Led Zeppelin released an epic song on their classic Led Zeppelin IV album, all four members of the Beatles had timeless solo songs, the Faces released an iconic rocker, Dr. Hook recorded a tearjerker, and Lobo released a single that would later become very important to Wendy P (who just happened to be born in March 1971). 🙂

Memories … That’s What We’re All About

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John Lennon – Led Zeppelin – Faces
Paul & Linda McCartney – Lobo – Ringo Starr
Dr. Hook – George Harrison

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  1. Don Doyle

    Hey Ray, 1971 was a busy year fo me also. Like you my family had just begun to take shape, with one son turning a year old in March and another one on the way in June. For me live music was taking a backseat to listening to LPs while trying to navigating both a career and a family. A busy time indeed.
    All the Beatles working on their own was a challenge for them and also for me. Who was putting out the best music? Everyone had their own favorite and as listeners we were divided into different factions. It seems silly now but many spirited discussions ensued about who was worthy of your time and money. An album cost about $3 and minimum wage was about $1. You only had so many extra dollars. Decisions, decisions.
    Led Zeppelin was busy stealing the intro to Stairway from Spirit and Rod Stewart was coming into his own . Exciting times., except for Lobo who was so mellow he was putting me to sleep.
    Dr. Hook was a good example of a guy having fun, being crazy and pulling us along for the ride. But he did make the cover of Rolling Stone!
    Well Ray you are all about the memories and you are pushing all my buttons this morning. Thank you for another trip in the Wayback machine. You made good use of your day off yesterday. Ray, you da Man! Rock on.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Don.
      Glad you enjoyed it. Well, most of it. 😉
      ROCK ON, BRO!

  2. Wendyl

    Fifty is nifty! To me, it seems strange that the Beatles were solo in 1971. This confirms my internal feelings of growing up while they were still together but I lived that through you, as we know but it’s still a bit mindboggling, lol. So sweet of you to include my intro liner with my Goldie, love it! Don mentioned the cover of Rolling Stone in his comment. I have always believed you should be on the cover because of your lifelong dedication to incredible music and music history. 🙂 Yes, you definitely do Rock! 🙂 XOXOXOXO 🙂

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Wendyl ❤️
      There was no way I was going to play Lobo without including Goldie and you!
      The former members of the Beatles were in the infancy of their solo careers but their individual successes will always be outweighed by their music as a group. 🙂
      Can you imagine my face on the cover of any magazine?

  3. Penny

    Another great medley ……. I have lost track of how many times I have listened to today! Hard to pick which one I liked best!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Penny. I am so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


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