Remembering George

On November 29, 2001, George Harrison passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. On this, the 19th anniversary of his death, we are paying tribute to him with a 10-song medley of his solo material … because he was so much more than just a Beatle.

Some of these songs will be very familiar to his fans; others not as much, but whether you recognize them or not, they are but a small glimpse into the musical genius of a man once considered to be so much of a “lightweight” as a writer that his efforts to find his way onto Beatles’ albums were repeatedly dismissed.

The medley begins with the final song George ever recorded (just two months before his death), and it concludes with the final song on his last album; a song that ends with a haunting chant delivered so smoothly in tandem with his son, Dhani, that you’d swear it was just one voice.

In between those two epic songs, you’ll hear his first #1 single (the first of the Fab Four to do that) and his final #1 (the last member of the group to do that) and much, much more.

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The George Harrison Medley

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  1. Don Doyle

    Let me start by saying it has been a crazy, mixed up day for me, but I digress.
    To paraphrase the bandit in The Treasure of Sierra Madre, “We don’t need no stinkin’ 20 minute set, This is George Harrison for goodness sake. If anyone deserves a set twice as long as normal on a Sunday morning, it is George.
    When the Beatles arrived on our shores, the girls went crazy trying to decide about who they should have as their personal Beatle. Would it be the cute one, the funny one or the quiet one. The guys just liked their style and of course their hair. I didn’t have a favorite but my girlfriend, soon to be my wife, was crazy for George. As the LPs kept on coming I began to notice that although I really did like almost all of their output some songs seemed to stand out in my mind. George’s songs. So then I had a favorite, George. I also liked the way he appeared to stand above the fray. Some things puzzled me, like when Eric Clapton, his best friend?, wound up with his wife?!
    Better get back to the music. I liked George’s association with Ravi Shankar, I felt musically and I guess personally, that was a wonderful thing. It sure made an interesting impact on the music world.
    Well this is turning into a novel. Time to shut up and tell you that once again Ray you have provided me with a great start to my day. Thank you and I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Rock On, my Brother.

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Don. It has been a sad day here. I won’t go into details but there have been two health-related tragedies in the family this weekend. I have been busy doing a lot of praying.
      Your wife showed much insight when she immediately chose George as her favorite. My immediate favorite was John but that lasted less than a year when I started paying more attention to George. By the time he found Ravi Shankar, he had my full attention and that not only sent the Beatles in a new and exciting direction, it also turned me into a lifelong Shankar fan.
      By the way, “novels” are fine. 🙂

      1. Don Doyle

        I am so sorry for your troubles. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
        I remember our shared fandom for Ravi. You sure have good taste.
        Sending good wishes & prayers your way.

        1. Ray (Post author)

          Thank you, Don.
          I appreciate the support.

  2. Wendyl

    Fantastic tribute medley! I also enjoy reading your conversations with Don. 🙂 XOXOXOXO

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Wendyl ❤️
      I really do enjoy the conversations with your “Uncle” Don. 🙂

      1. Don Doyle

        Thank you, Wendy.
        I enjoy early morning conversations with Brother Ray. Great way to start the day.


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