Love Is The Answer

“This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.”
~Leonard Bernstein

As I sat down to prepare something special for Valentine’s Day, I remembered doing the same thing last year. That went over so well I couldn’t think of one good reason why I shouldn’t repeat it.
And so…
This is no ordinary medley but then again this is no ordinary day. This Valentine’s Day Medley, which is just short of two hours long, is filled with nothing but love songs from a variety of musical genres; pop, rock, country and crooners.
There are love songs for the young and love songs for those who are older.
One song in particular – the final one – reminds us that love lives long beyond the grave.
I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed putting it together. It was, I assure you, a labor of L-O-V-E.

Play button is on the left … Volume slider is on the right
I would advise turning the volume all the way up before you start.

Valentine’s Day Medley

Sam Brown – Righteous Brothers – ABBA
Chicago – Bryan Adams – Beatles
Kenny Rogers – Joe Cocker – Savage Garden
Lonestar – Honeydrippers – Foreigner
Van Morrison – Johnny Mathis – Perry Como
Beach Boys – Don Henley – John Denver
Faith Hill & Tim McGraw – Elvis Presley – Ronettes
James Taylor – Jeff Healey Band – Status Quo
Anne Murray – Nat King Cole – Platters
Sam Cooke – Stevie Wonder – Shania Twain
Dan Fogelberg – Francis Rossi – Chris Hillman

Comments (6)

  1. Lee Gould/Rosa-Lee

    Perfect musical accompaniment to work on mine & Ted’s family trees today. Thanks for the music & a Happy Valentine’s Day to all who read this 🙂

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Lee.
      Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  2. Nan

    Got a late start, but I am really enjoying this….Happy Valentines Day!! <3

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Nancy!
      Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

  3. Wendyl

    Love, love, love this medley! It’s been playing in the background all evening so perfectly. Thanks for posting it even during your break! When tasked to name 10 things I love about myself, one of my answers was my deep appreciation for music. You planted that and nurtured it and let it grow. I will always be grateful! I love you Daddy on Valentine’s Day and every day! XOXOXOXO

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank you, Wendyl!
      I’m so happy you’re enjoying it. 🙂
      Happy Valentine’s Day!
      I Love You!


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