Girls, Girls, Girls (Part 1)

This was going to be a short project but that has changed … considerably. I asked for suggestions for songs with a girl’s name in the title and I was overwhelmed with titles.
Here is Part 1, and there will obviously be a part, 2, 3, 4 …oh hell, who knows how many parts there will be! 🙂

Play button is on the left … Volume slider is on the right

Girls Medley Part 1

Mary Lou – Carol – Peggy Sue – Susie – Mary Anne
Wendy – Molly – Diane – Nancy – Patricia – Donna
Rose Marie – Valerie – Heather – Billie Jean
Maggie – Gloria – Lola

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  1. Nancy A Garbati

    Awesome job…thanks for all the hard work putting it together. <3

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thanks, Nancy 🙂


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