February 6 Memories

February 6 produced a treasure trove of outstanding music! There are three #1 hits in this collection but on a sad note, two songs in this medley are the result of the deaths of two legends who passed away on this date.

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What Happened On February 6?

1967 – The Turtles released a #1 single
1968 – The Beatles recorded a #1 hit
1974 – The Guess Who released a Top 40 hit
1979 – ABBA recorded a #19 single
1979 – Status Quo recorded a single which reached #16 on the British charts but was never released in the U.S. They should have. They really should have.
1981 – George Harrison (with help from Paul and Ringo) recorded a tribute to John Lennon
1998 – Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys died
1981 – Austrian superstar Falco died

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  1. Nancy Garbati

    Great mix as usual….and I agree on the the Status Quo song. <3

    1. Ray (Post author)

      I LOVE that song 🙂


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