The #1 Medley On This Date

Five #1 songs on November 13 (1957, 62, 67, 72 and 77). From the jailhouse all the way to a song the singer sang with God in mind. Of particular interest is the second song, credited to the Crystals when in fact it was actually recorded by Darlene Love and the Blossoms. So how much did musical tastes change from the Fifties to the Seventies? Check the medley to find out!

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Number One Medley
Elvis Presley – Crystals (The Blossoms)
Lulu – Johnny Nash – Debby Boone

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  1. Penny

    Being out of town for work I was not able to play your music medley’s so now I am catching up …. After a very long week I needed this …. wonderful songs …. Thank You Ray!!

    1. Ray (Post author)

      Thank YOU … and I’m glad you are home 🙂


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