George Harrison died on this date in 2001 and it feels like a good time to do a retrospective look at his solo career in chronological order. Yes, I said solo because by 1970, Harrison had long grown tired of being a Beatle. No song said that better than one of his songs on All Things Must Pass, his first solo record following the Beatle’ breakup.

We start out with Run Of The Mill, a reference to the “abuse and humiliation” that Harrison had received at Twickenham, during the filming of Let It Be. In Georges eye’s, just walking onto the cavernous set was “Another day for you to realize me / Or send me down again.”

It starts with a plea to Paul to stop being so heavy handed. “It was when Apple was getting crazy. Paul was falling out with us all and going around Apple offices saying ‘You’re no good.’ Everyone was just incompetent. It was that period – the problem of partnerships.”

The lyrics are very telling.
Everyone has choice
When to or not to raise their voices
It’s you that decides
Which way you will turn
While feeling that our love’s not your concern

It presented Harrison’s realization that he had to walk away and carry on with his own life. And carry on he did. This 13-song collection is but a fragment of the music he left us, beginning with the All Things Must Pass album, where we were introduced to Harrison’s brilliant slide guitar (an instrument George never played with the Beatles) and ending with the posthumously released Brainwashed album in November 2002, almost a year after his death at age 58.

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