On what would have been his 78th birthday, we are paying tribute to George Harrison with a repeat of a 10-song medley of his solo material which we ran last year.

Some of these songs will be very familiar to his fans; others not as much, but whether you recognize them or not, they are but a small glimpse into the musical genius of a man once considered to be so much of a “lightweight” as a writer that his efforts to find his way onto Beatles’ albums were repeatedly dismissed.

The medley begins with the final song George ever recorded (just two months before his death), and it concludes with the final song on his last album; a song that ends with a haunting chant delivered so smoothly in tandem with his son, Dhani, that you’d swear it was just one voice.

In between those two epic songs, you’ll hear his first #1 single (the first of The Beatles to do that) and his final #1 (the last member of the group to do that) and much, much more.

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The George Harrison Medley