One hit wonders? Hardly! While American audiences all but ignored this British band after 1968’s ‘Pictures Of Matchstick Men‘ hit #12 on the Billboard charts, Status Quo became one of England’s most popular artists of all time, scoring an incredible 57 Top 40 songs in the UK, including 22 Top 10 hits! Along the way, the band has sold over 120 million records. You read that right; 120 Million. Not bad for “one hit wonders”.
Founding members Francis Rossi (lead guitar/vocals) and Rick Parfitt (powerful rhythm guitar/vocals) added keyboardist/guitarist Andy Bown in 1977 and replaced original bass guitarist Alan Lancaster with John “Rhino” Edwards in 1986, and those four have become one of the most durable acts in rock history. After losing founding drummer John Coghlan in 1981, the band has gone through several drummers over the years, including Matt Letley, but Status Quo – and please pronounce it “Stay-tus” Quo, thank you very much – has never lost its power and drive.
Unless you’re living in England – or you’re one of the very few Americans who are familiar with this band – you won’t recognize many, if any, of these songs. So call it a primer; a collection of some of their best work, from boogie blues to ballads to hard driving rock ‘n’ roll. And if you really want to enjoy this medley, Crank It Up!

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Meet Status Quo

Electric Arena (Rossi/Young)
The Wanderer (Maresca)
Familiar Blues (Parfitt/Bown)
Caroline (Rossi/Young)
Alright (Parfitt/Morris)
Whatever You Want (Parfitt/Bown) *personal favorite 🙂
Two Way Traffic (Rossi/Edwards)
This Is Me (Parfitt/Edwards)
Rhythm Of Life (Rossi/Young)
Living On An Island (Parfitt/Young)
The Party Ain’t Over Yet (David)
For You (Parfitt)