It’s not overstating the case to contend that the Byrds’ debut album was the seed from which all folk-rock sprouted. The Bob Dylan-penned title track hit No. 1 two months before the album arrived, and in the process, heralded a new sound that connected thoughtful lyrics with Jim McGuinn’s jangling Rickenbacker guitar, Chris Hillman’s thunderous bass, and some very trippy harmonies, courtesy of David Crosby.
The ‘Mr. Tambourine Man‘ album (and, indeed, it was an album, rather than a haphazard collection of songs, as was the standard of the day) followed through on the promise of the single. Four of the dozen songs on the album were Dylan compositions, and there’s a classic by Pete Seeger, an upbeat Jackie DeShannon tune, and even a WWII standard thrown in for good measure. That said, the five originals from vocalist Gene Clark more than matched their appeal.
Music critic Richie Unterberger calls the album “one of the greatest debuts in the history of rock.” He’s right, and here it is, in its entirety. If you weren’t a Byrds fan before, you will be!

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The Complete ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ Album

“Mr. Tambourine Man” (Bob Dylan) 
“I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better” (Gene Clark) 
“Spanish Harlem Incident” (Bob Dylan) 
“You Won’t Have To Cry” (Gene Clark, Jim McGuinn) 
“Here Without You” (Gene Clark) 
“The Bells of Rhymney” (Idris Davies, Pete Seeger) 
“All I Really Want To Do” (Bob Dylan) 
“I Knew I’d Want You” (Gene Clark) 
“It’s No Use” (Gene Clark, Jim McGuinn) 
“Don’t Doubt Yourself, Babe” (Jackie DeShannon) 
“Chimes Of Freedom” (Bob Dylan) 
“We’ll Meet Again” (Ross Parker, Hughie Charles)